I Kiss The Land Beneath My Feet

I’m back on solid ground! I kiss thee oh beautiful…bird crap covered…ground…? Screw it. I kiss thee anyways!

It’s good to be back after 3 days at sea. I was accompanying my buddy, Eli, up the coast so he wouldn’t have to do it alone. He recently bought a gorgeous forty footer (previously owned by Dick Van Dyke) and when he asked me at the last minute to go on the trip I thought, “Why the hell not?” It would give me a chance to find some different inspiration for BOX. Inspiration I found.

Here’s a recap of the trip:

Day 1 – Smoothest day as we set out from San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay. Not very eventful. Saw a great sunset before mooring for the night.

Day 2 – Got a late start from Morro Bay and saw ominous fog coming in.
This was going to be a long 30+ hr stretch so the fog was not a comforting thought.
That’s a whole lotta fog and a whole lotta not land. Fog didn’t let up until sunset. Pretty uneventful and cold night. Eli was a trooper and took the night shift as we chugged on through the night.

Day 3 – The sun!
Gotta love that awesome star of ours. Even though we had the sun, the day started out pretty choppy and the sea would give us a bit of a walloping the whole way. We started running low on Cheez-Its so morale was low. I got sick and had to use the Cheez-It box. Morale lower. I started seeing Eli as a gigantic Cheez-It and wondered if he wouldn’t mind me taking a bite out of his leg. Then I went stark raving mad, tore off all my clothes, yelled America!, and jumped overboard to ride some whales that I saw. Ok, that didn’t really happen but would’ve made a good story.

We did run out of Cheez-Its and it really was a tragedy. We really love them. I also do shamefully admit I did do the deed in the box. After that I curled up like a baby and took a nap. When I woke we intermittently saw at least a dozen or so whales as they migrated north. That was an awesome sight! Unfortunately, my phone died so no pics. Sorry 😦

As the day wore on, we both got antsy to get back on solid land. At one point our jib sail snapped off so that killed some of our speed (who the hell uses a flimsy cable for the jib?). I manned the helm until after sunset and hopped in the cabin for a nap for the rest of the way. Every so often I saw Eli dealing with a fuel issue. We were running dangerously low and I could hear the engine cutting in and out. I definitely thought we might have to send out a mayday. When we finally rolled into dock we were down to half a gallon. Talk about cutting it close!

We’re now docked at Half Moon Bay. Eli is getting some much needed sleep. I’ve taken a hot shower and had some mac n cheese. As I think upon our trip I realize that of all the adventures I’ve been on, this was a doozy. I was definitely not meant to be a sailor. Scuba diver, yes. Sailor, no.

Glad to be back and looking forward to a still night’s rest. This is First Mate Ehb signing off.


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