The Way Home

I’m waking up to a beautiful morning on Morro Bay as my friend, Eli, and I start prepping the last leg of our sailing trip back to San Francisco. We started our trip yesterday from San Luis Obispo and it was a smooth, glorious ride. We saw seals being playful and jumping about, curious birds hovering overhead, and enjoyed a fantastic sunset even though I was freezing my ass off.

Freezing my ass off…

…trumped by awesome sunset

The trip has me thinking on all the different journeys I’ve been on and it strikes me that I still don’t consider any one place home. Perhaps this is my Tao.

Tao is one of the characters in my chinese name and it seems appropriate that my life journey has been about embodying that particular symbol. The tao is a journey of virtue, nurture, compassion and balance in the world. As I write, parts of this message are woven within the text of BOX.

Unlock the BOX and perhaps you will discover more within you at the end of the journey…or during, I should say.


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