Run Away!!!


That, my friends, is the box that will eventually be buried somewhere on this big blue that we call earth. Poor little guy got all sandy and wet the other day when my friend, Nate, and I went out for a little shoot for the BOX promo vid. Poor little me had to wash it all out later. Boohoo, stop whining, me.

The shoot was a race against time as we were trying to utilize the remaining sunlight before dusk set in. I ended up digging numerous holes because every time I dug one the tide would rise and catch up to us. It was probably quite comical for passersby since we had to lunge for all of our gear and make a break for dryer sands each time the water decided it wanted to swallow us like the Cookie Monster.

This was the water:


And this was us:


I currently have some buff fingers from all the holes I had to dig. At least we had fun doing the shoot and left with a…


Thanks, Nate, for doing the shoot on complete sleep deprivation!


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