Love Box


“Love is a 3 headed bitch and you don’t want to get stuck in its putrid maw.” – mini-mini-mini-excerpt from BOX

I had to chuckle a bit when I wrote that line. How do I really feel about the subject? Exactly. I’ve been jumping around the narrative of the book instead of finishing chapters sequentially and I’ve started culling material from my love life. It’s strange to revisit the memories from my romantic escapades. I find myself entering some dark head spaces when it comes to some of the relationships I’ve had. I suppose I’m working out some of my lingering emotions through the writing of this book. Will someone page Dr. Phil? On second thought, don’t page that guy. I’d rather talk to the guys on Live 105’s Love Line than listen to the spewage from the Philster.

Anyways, the book is coming along just dandy. There’s still a lot of work and research to be done. Through the course of my research I’ve been turned onto the writings of Mark Danielewski and his influence is creeping into my psyche. I highly recommend reading House of Leaves. To put it bluntly. The book is an entertaining mind fuck written in an experimental manner. Read it and sit there with head in hands as you weep over the task of deciphering it. I can only hope that my book turns out just as good. Crossing my fingers. Do my crooked pinkies negate that?


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