Only A Handful

Photo courtesy of Vudie’s photostream.

“A great man said to me once, “It’s all about winning the game before you die.” Well, right now would be a fine time for me to win.

Let me put it to you plainly. My situation is dire. The world is spinning in freefall. I see at once the blue sky above and the many eyes attached to disenchanted heads lurking beneath me. With each revolution I fall further from one world towards the other. I have become disconnected. A tethered life undone. I cannot speak of why this is happening for there is nothing to be said. All that needs be known are the fleeting reminders of my memories. I must try to remember before I fall further. How many lives has it been?” – excerpt from BOX

Well, folks, it’s a beautiful sunny day in San Francisco, so I’m out and about near the Metreon using their free wifi to work on BOX. Thanks Metreon! I had a great lunch with a friend and we talked about life paths. The course of our conversation got me to thinking about what the Buddha once said – “What I have taught you is comparable to the leaves in my hand, what I have not taught you is comparable to the number of leaves in the forest.”

The realities we create for ourselves are oft times misaligned with who we are truly meant to be or capable of being. Those who have become self aware of this realize that the world, at its barest, can be a simple place to reside in. However, we purposefully make the world complicated through the box of self desires, misaligned reality mind constructs, misinformed societal arguments, internal and external power struggles, ego, etc. These things are all superfluous to what is needed to find harmony. This journey of life has shown me that, of the vast amount of material knowledge I’ve gained, I only need the most perfunctory of knowledge to live in compassionate harmony.

We only need the leaves in our hands.


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