2013: The One Block Project

I’ve mulled over what I should make this blog about this year. Last year I took on a large undertaking with this blog project of mine. I sought to show that everything around us and within us is interesting and holds immense experiential value and worth. During the course of the the project, I hit upon a project within the project: looking for the life that happens within a one block radius of wherever I’m standing.

I thought about a great many things I could do with this blog, but in the end I’ve decided that the One Block Project truly resonated with me. For those who have asked that I continue my previous project, this is a direct extension of that. It’s also a bit of a more casual undertaking that I can handle right now considering the myriad of projects I’m involved in.


This time I only have three simple parameters:

– All photographs will be from within a one block radius of where I’m standing.

– If there are no clear sidewalks to determine a block, then the space will be no larger than a football field.

– All photographs shall be unadulterated and unedited to preserve the reality of life. Cropping is allowed.

I’m already digging how elegantly simple this project will be for me. I tend to involve myself in very complicated ventures, so this will be my respite from my daily challenges.

I hope everyone enjoys the observations for the coming year. Let’s make 2013 the year of the block party!


On a side note, you will see that I’ve created a link that says Fight Human Trafficking. I will be using this section to link to resources and news about human trafficking across the globe and locally. Stopping human trafficking has always been an important issue to me. Some of the most important people that have shaped my life have been women and I have the deepest respect for them. Human trafficking affects mostly young girls and women (to a lesser, but still important degree, boys and men) and must be stopped. It is the second largest criminal industry in the world. I hope to bring awareness into our lives of the need to stop this travesty of society.

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