Unlock and Solve the BOX

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What is the BOX?

BOX is a novel, a secret, and a cipher. As a novel, it is a fictional autobiography based on 10 dreams I have had in my life. The book reveals the personal journey of a man displaced by the fabric of his own dreams as he searches for his true reality…a reality of boundless beauty. As a cipher, BOX will unlock 128 puzzles I have woven into the book. As a secret, well…that is for you to find out.

Solve The BOX!

3 people who correctly solve all of the puzzles within BOX  will be chosen and taken on a voyage of adventure, mystery and intrigue to search the globe for a box I have buried somewhere on the earth. Are you ready for a world adventure?

Sign-Up For Exclusive Clues To Solving BOX

Throughout the course of solving BOX you will get to interact online with me. The following sites will hold clues:






Do you have what it takes to unravel the mysteries of the BOX?

…or will you find yourself trapped in the dream?

Visit www.wrendo.com for more information and updates

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