#145 Greetings From Silicon Valley

Photo courtesy of the Greetings From Silicon Valley project


Every so often I run across or get introduced to some really great and interesting art projects here in SF. One of them is the Greetings From Silicon Valley project. The project was introduced to me courtesy of my friend Dorothy Santos who runs a fantastic blog and writes for Zero1, an art and technology collective. The following is a description of the project from the artist, Imin Yeh. Check it out!


Greetings from Silicon Valley (www.GreetingsFromSiliconValley.com)  is a series of postcards that hopes to capture an authentic experience of life in Silicon Valley. This will be accomplished by creating an “Open Call” or crowd sourcing from people who play a part in building the Silicon Valley community, targeting employees who work at the famed corporations or schools that create this geographic/commercial boundary.

Utilizing the energy and minds of the individuals who create the technology that is bringing the world together digitally, I hope this project will encourage those individuals to not work for a few minutes and create a physical postcard used to communicate in an analog sort of way.

(The tone of this project is extremely not serious, nor do the resulting cards have to be extremely interesting or compelling. )

I hope you will be interested in participating as well as help spread the call and forward this information to friends and co-workers

The website:


The Facebook:



Maybe I’ll submit this photo…

That would be me having woken up with an idea…an entrepreneurs mind never stops coming up with ideas, even asleep

Ok, maybe after I get a haircut…


2 thoughts on “#145 Greetings From Silicon Valley

  1. Thank you so much for posting about Greetings from Silicon Valley (GFSV)! The overall project is great and Imin Yeh, the artist, will be selling prints at the ZERO1 biennial street festival, (e)MERGE. Thanks again for sharing!! :)

    PS: I was looking for this submission in GFSV site! I would totally buy this as a print in moments where I need inspiration.


    • LOL…maybe I should actually submit the photo to GFSV. I did it as a funny aside for friends, but I guess it holds true for entrepreneurs in the valley. We never stop thinking of ideas. Even in our sleep!


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