#137 Doc Talk


My buddy Mikko, whom I recently met at The Glint, is working on a nifty concept. He’s building a bridge between doctor’s and patients through a smart phone app. That’s just pretty damn, well, smart. Raise your hand if you like to take time out of your day to go to some stodgy doctor’s office and pay $20 only to have the doctor tell you to “give it a few days and come back to me if it continues to bother you.” Which translates into “I just took an easy $20 from you. Let’s see how much more easy cash I can squirm out of ya.” My hands are in my pants.

Mikko hails from Finland and he’s here in the states for his startup. He’s a pretty cool cat who lives by the creed of eating “lean and green”. Every time I see him he’s eating some sort of healthy meal or salad. Judging by his great fitness, it’s working out for him. I wish I could say the same for myself. Every time I see a blueberry muffin I tell it to get in my tummy. That and banana cream pie. Oh, how I love me some banana cream pie. You know what to get for my birthday.

Anyways, I think what Mikko is working on is going save people a lot of time and hassle and you’re going to love him for it.

Btw, if Mr. T was my doctor, I bet I would get a lot of pity…get it?…I pity the f…oh, forget it…

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