#48 The Notebook

I do a lot of people watching. Human behavior simply fascinates me. Sometimes I like to run hidden experiments on people just to watch the interaction. The other day I was at Coffee Bean and decided to see what would happen if I placed a notebook on the ground somewhere. I was curious to see how long it would take for someone to pick it up and out of sheer curiosity open it. In it I wrote “Have a nice day!” and left a pen in the spiral binding.

I sat around watching for a good 10 minutes or so before anyone touched it. Most people walked by it without even a glance. Some looked at it and left it alone. The first person that picked it up was a little boy with his mom and dad. The mom scolded him and told him not to pick up dirty things off of the ground. The dad took the notebook and opened it. Seeing the message he showed his wife and his son. They all had a good laugh and returned the notebook to where the boy found it.

I sat around for another couple of minutes before a young man picked it up. He saw the message, flipped the page and wrote something else in it and then put it back. I was curious as to what he wrote, but didn’t want to ruin the experiment, so I left it alone.

The next person was another young male who did the exact same thing. This went on for a good half hour with different people. It was fascinating to watch and learn from. I left my seat to go inside and get a tea and scrumptious morsel. When I came back the notebook was gone. I was bummed, but at least whoever took has a story to tell.

I think I’ll run it again and see if the same thing happens. I’d love to see what people write in it.

What would you write?

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